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Sprocket Design Software Free Download [2021]

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Sprocket Design Software Free Download [2021]

The first thing you will need is a drafting program to draw the sprocket gear with. I recommend DraftSight, which is the free CAD program I used for this demo. For those who learned how to use, and are hopelessly addicted to AutoCAD's GUI, I might note that DraftSight has the look and feel of classic AutoCAD without the $4000+ price tag.

For a spur gear with a tooth count of 10, it is generally said that a 10 tooth spur gear has a module of 0.008. In the gear calculator, a module of 0.008 means that the 10 tooth sprocket gear turns 10 degrees. A gear module of 0.008 is also shown in the gear generator, which will use the defined parameter to generate a gear, which is shown in red in the gear generator. If you wanted to use the gear generator to design a 10-tooth gear, you would enter the following parameters into the gear calculator:

The gear itself can be designed with a gear spline, a straight line that is used to connect the centers of the teeth. The gear spline, as you can infer, must have the same pitch diameter as the gear. Standard ISO 6387-2 indicates that an ISO grade 3 spline is the standard for spline gears of less than 25 teeth. This spline can connect the second diameter of the gear to the first diameter of the gear. This is important to know as it will determine the complexity of the gear. Any of the following gear splines can be used: ISO 6387-1, ISO 6387-2, ISO 6387-3, ISO 6387-4, ISO 6387-5, ISO 6387-6, ISO 6387-7, ISO 6387-8, ISO 6387-9, ISO 6387-10, ISO 6387-11, and ISO 6387-12. All of these are splines that are commonly used when designing gears. You can use any of the above splines or even create your own.

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