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Bash 101 Hacks Pdf 11

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The thing with bash is that it retains the history of entered bash commands, so unless you clear it, the administrator will be able to see that the Shred command above was entered. The retained history of bash commands is found in the file /.bash_history.

and add fortune to the last line of your .bashrc if you are using Bash (default in my linux distros ). If you love cows then you can install cowsay pipe the output of fortune to cowsay , add following line to the end of your .bashrc

The Mutillidae web application (NOWASP (Mutillidae)) contains all of the vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top Ten plus a number of other vulnerabilities such as HTML-5 web storage, forms caching, and click-jacking. Inspired by DVWA, Mutillidae allows the user to change the "Security Level" from 0 (completely insecure) to 5 (secure). Additionally three levels of hints are provided ranging from "Level 0 - I try harder" (no hints) to "Level 2 - noob" (Maximum hints). If the application is damaged by user injections and hacks, clicking the "Reset DB" button resets the application to its original state. 1e1e36bf2d

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