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Fairy Tail Episode 166

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Fairy Tail Episode 166

The day's event is then selected: Pandemonium. Each Guild selects a participant for their team. The members chosen are Erza Scarlet, Cana Alberona (who joined the Fairy Tail B Team), Jura Neekis, Orga Nanagear, Millianna, Hibiki Lates, Nobarly, and Obra. They all head to the center of the arena towards Mato who immediately sets up the event. A massive, purple, demon-like castle is summoned to the area to act as the event's main setting place. Mato explains the rules of the events, giving detail on the different classes of beasts that they will be fighting, before he even displays a live recording of one of the lower-class beasts, which appears to be very fearsome already. He then gives each participant a slot to choose, which will determine the order of their entrance inside the arena. After considering everything, Erza, who is first, declares that all 100 beasts in Pandemonium will be her opponents, and she steps up to head inside, much to everyone's shock.

"Kimi ga Kureta Mono" (キミがくれたもの, lit. "What You've Given Me") is a song recorded by Japanese singer Shizuka Kudo. It was released as a single by Pony Canyon on October 17, 2012. It was featured as the thirteenth ending theme on the TX anime series Fairy Tail,[1] from episode 151 through 166.[2] The song marks Kudo's first TV anime tie-in in fifteen years, since the Dragon Ball GT ending theme "Blue Velvet". 59ce067264

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