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Buy Designer Coats


Buy Designer Coats

Allies in the colder months, coats are important components of a masculine wardrobe. Worn every day in winter, these pieces define the style of the man. From a chic trench coat to a casual puffa jacket or a classic reefer jacket, men's jackets are more than just functional garments.

Men's coats come in a variety of different models, the choice depending on your style and the weather. When temperatures are low, puffa jackets are the best option. In long or short versions, quilted or plain, mono colour or print, puffa jackets are easy to wear at any time. Other icy-weather friends are reefer jackets and wool duffle coats. Reefer jackets may be the ideal way to rock an elegant look, but wool duffle coats accompany a more casual look to perfection. In rainy weather, the must-haves are rain coats and parkas. Simple and classic for models of discretion, but other versions are more colourful for the extroverts out there. As for a cotton beige trench coat, well that's a must-have for the tricky in-between seasons.

There may be a wide choice of men's coats on the market, but certain pieces have attained iconic status. That can definitely be said of Burberry trench coats, Chevignon sheepskin collar reefer jackets and Ralph Lauren quilted blouson jackets. As for puffa jackets, the Moncler brand needs no introduction, being the reference in the matter. Initially designed for skiing, the label's designs can now be broken out with jeans and sneakers, giving a contemporary, urban style. These coats for men of distinction, and many other choices, can be found on Vestiaire Collective.

Invest in wool pea-coats to take you from work to play, trench coats to last you a lifetime and down-filled puffer jackets in highlighter shades - a cover-up for every outfit and occasion. Get playful with your outerwear and layer a loose duster coat over a tailored blazer, or tuck a frayed denim jacket into jeans, draping an iconic leather biker jacket around your shoulders for fashion editor style credentials.

In the Winter, there may be no more important piece of clothing than your coat. Most times, it's all anyone sees, so it should be warm and make you feel amazing. We need all the coats this season, but splurging on a great designer piece isn't always possible with our budget. That's why now's the time to shop coats on sale. Specifically, we're loving these 16 designer picks.

From classic puffers to cozy shearling and menswear-inspired picks, these are the coats worth buying right now. Yes, they're current, but they're also classic enough that you'll wear them for seasons to come. If you decide to splurge, we guarantee you won't want to take them off: they go with everything, and they're investment pieces that will pay off in spades. Plus, if your coat is your whole outfit, you want it to look good. Just keep reading to shop our selects.

When it comes to choosing a coat or jacket, it pays to invest in the best. Future-proof your wardrobe with our edit of classic lightweight jackets, trenches and bomber jackets. Then stock up on down jackets and winter coats as temperatures dip. 59ce067264

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