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קבוצת Zerem Halev

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I already said this, you silly person. Not for the crypto, but for crack X. For cracking crack X. It is at this point where you are the silly person, not the crypto people. Not you, there are too many to cry about.

Let us assume that chances are that your X password (say Amazon, bank, ) stored MD5 hash (very low security) is with a high probability comfortably crackable or even already cracked. Let us further assume that there are some well known considerably better and more secure methods (say AES128) available to secure your password/transaction/etc. Now, would you prefer a) to have some cryptologists to research 1024 bit very very high security, which might become widely available in, say 3 years, or would you rather b) want a reasonably secure and proven solution right now

If your X passwords stored on a university, bank, personal account are as predictable as you suggested in the first post you have more chance to get your X passwords cracked by just guessing them. Do not forget that keys to 3DES are even more predictable than those for MD5/SHA1. 3d9ccd7d82

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